About the Authority

authorityWest Cocalico Township Authority is a five member board appointed by the West Cocalico Township Board of Supervisors to serve the citizens of the Reinholds and Blainsport areas with public water and/or public sewer service.

The Authority meets the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Township Meeting Room.

Currently there are 972 homes served by public water and 650 served by public sewer.  There are three wells that serve the 972 homes.  The most recent well, Well #3, went into service in August of 2004 which was put on line due to nitrate levels rising in Well #2.  While not at the maximum allowable concentration nitrate level per PA DEP and EPA standards, the Authority took remedial action and added the third well. 

In 1987, the West Cocalico Township Authority began allowing homes to connect to the wastewater treatment plant which was permitted by DEP for 150,000 gallons per day of wastewater to be treated at the wastewater treatment plant.  Currently there is a moratorium on the sewer connections as there is an infiltration problem when it rains, which causes the daily flow of sewage through the wastewater treatment plant to rise well above the DEP permitted level of 150,000 gallons per day.  Therefore it is very important that no sump pump is connected to the public sewer system and all sewer vent caps are replaced when missing.

Should you have any questions relating to your public water and/or public sewer, please feel free to call the Authority during regular business hours (Monday – Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.) at 336-6265 or attend a meeting of the West Cocalico Township Authority.  If you have an emergency with your public water or public sewer after hours or on weekends, please call 629-7044.