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West Cocalico started as “Cocalico”, in 1729 and then divided into East and West Cocalico in 1838. 

The area of Reinholds was originally settled around 1727.   The Reinholds area contributed firearms to the war for Independence using low-grade iron ore taken from nearby areas.

Swiss Mennonites settled the village of Schoeneck in 1733 purchasing 1500 acres from the Penn brothers.  These early settlers were attracted to this area by the heavy timber and rich limestone land.  The original town was laid out around 1780 – 1790. Schoeneck in Pennsylvania Dutch means, “pretty corner”.

The area of Stevens, originally known as Slabach Station, was settled in 1733.  The Reading & Columbia Railroad brought prosperity to this area.  Slabach Station was eventually named Stevens because of the influence that Thaddeus Stevens had in establishing a post office in the community in 1864.

Today, West Cocalico is a second-class township located in Northern Lancaster County.  The Township borders both Berks and Lebanon counties and has a population of 7,280.The Board of Supervisors is a three person Board elected for six-year terms to oversee the Township. The Board appoints members to the West Cocalico Township Planning Commission, the Park Board, the Authority, and the Zoning Hearing Board to handle the government activities and to make recommendations to the Board of Supervisors in each of their respective areas.

The historical information was retrieved from the “Spirit, Toil & Rest” Booklet published by the Cocalico Chapter of the Lancaster Bicentennial Committee, 1976.



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