Ordinances Adopted Since Codification

Ordinance 123 – Alternative Energy Systems and to Amend the Provisions regarding Hotels/Motels

Ordinance 126 – No Parking Zones during Snow Emergencies

Ordinance 127 – Participation of WCT in the PSATS Unemployment Compensation Group Trust

Ordinance 128 – Regulations Concerning Burning and Open Fires

Ordinance 131 – Requiring All Persons, Partnerships, Businesses and Corporations to Obtain a Floodplain Permit for any Construction

Ordinance 133 – Amending the WCT Burn Ordinance of 2016 to provide Restitution

Ordinance 134 – To Add to and Amend Definitions to WCT Zoning Ordinance for Mobile Home Parks to Manufactured Home Parks

Ordinance 135 – To Amend the WCT Zoning to Revise Definitions and Regulations for Residential Dwellings

Ordinance 136 – Authorizing the Execution of a Franchise Agreement Between WCT and Comcast, LLC

Ordinance 136A – Increasing the Indebtedness for Purposes of Replacement of Structurally Deficient Bridges

Ordinance 137 – To Authorize the Inclusion of Reasonable Attorneys’ Fees and Establish a Rate of Interest Upon Municipal Liens

Ordinance 139 – To Amend the WCT Ordinance, Sewers and Sewage Disposal to Revise Regulations Governing On-Lot Sewage Disposal Systems and Holding Tanks

Ordinance 140 – Intermunicipal Agreement which Various Municipalities May Assist Each Other with Providing Public Works Services in the Case of Emergencies

Ordinance 141 – Short Term Rental Units to Provide Regulations For Municipal Uses, Creation of Lots, and Fencing of Deer Enclosures

Ordinance 142 – Noise, and to Amend Chapter 15, Motor Vehicles and Traffic To Provide That No Person Shall Make a Street Unsafe For Vehicle Traffic

Ordinance 143 – Authorizing Execution Of An Agreement Between The Borough of Ephrata and the Township of West Cocalico Relating To The Provision By Ephrata Borough Of Police Services To West Cocalico Township

Ordinance 144 – To Amend The Code Of Ordinances Of The Township Of West Cocalico, Chapter 27, Zoning, By Changing The Zoning Classifications Of Certain Tracts Of Land With Frontage On Route 897 and North Windy Mansion Road

Ordinance 146 -An Ordinance Setting Forth Rules, Regulations, and Standards Regulating Subdivision and Land Development within the Township of West Cocalico

Ordinance 147 – An Ordinance to Amend the West Cocalico Township StormWater Management Ordinance to Revise Definitions Concerning Land Disturbance Activities, Add Regulations Governing High Tunnels and  Revise Regulations Governing Maintenance of Storm Water Management Facilities.