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For more information on stormwater management, please go to the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection’s website.

Environmental Protection

What is an Illicit Discharge?  An illicit discharge is any discharge of pollutants or non-stormwater materials allowed to enter the storm sewer systems from overland flows or direct dumping of materials into a catch basin.  Examples of Illicit Discharge: Sand and Dirt from construction sites washing into drains, Dumping Toxic Chemicals into drain, Chemical and Fuel Spills, overuse of Fertilizers and Pesticides, and Trash not picked up allowed to go into drains.  To report an Illicit Discharge please contact the township office at: (717) 336-8720 or email

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Feb182020 Storm Water Management Site Plan Exemption Application

Feb182020 Storm Water Management Ordinance 9/3/15

Feb182020 Stormwater Ordinance Appendix (A1 – A17)

Feb182020 Stormwater Ordinance Appendix (A18-A25)

Feb182020 Stormwater and its affect on the Chesapeake Bay

Feb182020 Good Housekeeping

Feb182020 Post Construction Storm Water

Feb182020 Public Education and Outreach

Feb182020 Training Program

Feb182020 IDDE Program