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Serving & Supporting
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Serving & Supporting
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Serving & Supporting
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Serving & Supporting
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Serving & Supporting
The Community
Serving & Supporting
The Community


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 The Authority will be replacing most of the register units in the water meters. The registers are defective and need to be replaced. The contractor hired to replace the registers, Kentrel, Inc, will be contacting the affected customers to arrange a time to replace the register. A copy of the letter that you will be receiving shortly with all the details is below.
RE: Replacement of Water Meter Register
Dear Water Customer:
The West Cocalico Township Authority (West Cocalico) will be replacing the register units on the water meter. These register units set on top of the brass part of the meter. The registers are battery operated and have reached the end of their life. West Cocalico has contracted with Kentrel, Inc. (Kentrel) a company that specialized in all areas of water meter / register replacement work. Kentrel will need to enter your home to replace the register. Your water service will not be interrupted and the work will take less than 20 minutes.
Why is it important to replace these registers? To accurately bill you for the water that passes through the meter. The meter measures the water that passes through it and the registers record it in the form of gallons. West Cocalico “reads” the register to obtain the gallons of water, which then goes onto your water bill and it is calculated into a dollar amount. When the register battery life runs out, West Cocalico can no longer obtain the gallons of water passing through the meter. Your bill is then “estimated” calculated based past usage.
The register replacement work will be performed from October 19, 2020 to November 13, 2020.
Kentrel will be contacting you to set up an appointment to replace the register. In our current COVID environment, West Cocalico and Kentrel will be taking the appropriate precautions when approaching you and entering your home. If your water meter is located closer to another access door of the house, please direct Kentrel to enter through that door. The Kentrel staff is practicing safe distancing and is following the State of Pennsylvania guidelines to protect the safety of their workers and the customer.
We appreciate you working with us during this register replacement project.
Carolyn Hildebrand


Stop the Spread

When you travel in and out of the quarantine zone, check your car and outdoor equipment (grills, outdoor furniture, landscaping supplies, mowers, etc.). Check for SLF egg masses from late fall to early spring. Remember that egg masses may be underneath your car or in your wheel well. During all other times of the year, check for nymphs and adults, and keep your windows rolled up when you park. Don’t store things or park under infested trees, and don’t move firewood.

Steps of Spotted Lanternfly Management

  1. Scrape eggs
  2. Band trees to catch nymphs
  3. Remove tree-of-heaven
  4. Apply insecticides


Spotted Lanternfly: Tips for Handling Yard Waste in Quarantined Areas


Spotted Lanternfly Control – Spraying





West Cocalico Township ranked #90 in the LendEDU Top 250 Safest Small Towns in the United States Report.  In short, West Cocalico Township is one of the safest towns in the United States according to the FBI. The ranking is determined by using FBI crime statistic data.  The FBI data was used to calculate the ranking metric: the number of violent crimes per 1,000 residents.



Stormwater Lesson For Kids 


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