September 17, 2012

Township Meeting Room


The Chairman, Jacque Smith called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.

The following were in attendance:
Supervisors: Jacque Smith, Terry Scheetz and James Stoner.

Others Present: Carolyn Friesema, Manager; Shelbie Shupp, Administrative Assistant; Tom Showalter, Roadmaster; Luke Showalter, Kathy Thren and Kyle Sellers, Adamstown Area Library.

Kathy Thren and Kyle Sellers gave a presentation on Adamstown Area Library statistics regarding circulation, attendance at programs, and computer usage. They also shared various services the library offers. The library received a PNC Bank grant for $4,500 for a program to teach financial concepts to children. For Me, For you, For Later; Elmo’s Adventures in Spending, Saving & Sharing is a program available for children ages 3 to 5 yrs. old. They are utilizing Keystone Collections to collect on delinquent accounts.

Terry Scheetz motioned to approve the Board of Supervisors minutes from September 6, 2012, as presented. James Stoner seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Terry Scheetz motioned to approve the attached list of checks totaling $108,470.34. James Stoner seconded the motion. Motion carried.

James Stoner motioned to approve the August, 2012, Treasurer’s Report. Terry Scheetz seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Tom Showalter gave the Roadmaster’s Report as follows:

          Repaired a storm water pipe on Mechanic Street so that paving of the shoulders could be completed.
          Paving on Swamp Bridge Rd. from Greenville Rd. to Hartings Park Rd. was completed by Burkholder Paving.
          The lift cylinders on trucks 696 and 901 were removed and repaired at Beiler Hydraulics.
          Shoulder mowing was completed on all roads. Trimming at sign and guiderails was also done.
          New tires were installed on the backhoe.
          Installed a new inlet top on Lincoln Ave. and made paving repairs.
          Repairs were made to the dump body on truck 696, also the tailgate on truck 901 was repaired.
          Went to E.M. Kutz to look at the new truck and to discuss placement of equipment.
          Painting of windows and doors is being done at the rental house. Two new locks were installed on interior doors.

The discussion regarding changing the morning meeting time was tabled until a future meeting.

The auction of the property at 30 S. Blainsport Rd. will be discussed at the next meeting.

Carolyn Friesema gave the Manager’s Report:

          1.Attended the Planning Commission meeting on Monday, September 10th at 7:00 p.m.
          2.Large portion of time was spent on Authority business as they prepare to replace most of the water meters.
          3.Investigated the following complaints/concerns:
                    a.Long grass complaint
                    b.Empty refrigerator on porch in Chapel Gate.
          The Township should receive approximately $60,000 from PEMA for bridge repairs as a result of Tropical Storm Irene.

On a motion by James Stoner and seconded by Jacque Smith, the meeting was adjourned at 10:18 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
James Stoner Secretary