June 7, 2012

Township Meeting Room


The Vice-Chairman, Terry Scheetz called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.

The following were in attendance:
Supervisors: Terry Scheetz and James Stoner.

Others Present: Carolyn Friesema, Manager; Shelbie Shupp, Administrative Assistant; Thomas Showalter, Roadmaster.

James Stoner motioned to approve the Board of Supervisors minutes from May 21, 2012, as presented. Terry Scheetz seconded the motion. Motion carried.

James Stoner motioned to approve the attached list of checks totaling $22,089.39. Terry Scheetz seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Carolyn Friesema spoke with Bob Bachman regarding the Speedwell Forge Resolution. He did not feel that it was necessary for the Board to act on the Resolution because the State is mandating what must be done with the dam. The Resolution was tabled.

James Stoner motioned to approve Penn Dot Winter Traffic Services Agreement. Terry Scheetz seconded the motion. Motion carried.

A hole opened up on Lower Hillside road. Tom thinks the repairs to the headwall, pipes and the road will cost approximately $4,500. Rettew Assocs. is working on a waiver for permitting. The work will be done sometime in June or July.

Tom said the Road Crew cleaned out the inlet on Blue Lake Road, as well as the gutters, before the recent storm. The gutters handled all the water. The recent work done in this area seems to have alleviated the stormwater issues on Blue Lake Road and Tannery Road.

The following bids were received for the Indian Run Project:

Flyway Excavating Gateway Project Management LLC Spear Excavating LLC Barwis Construction LLC Furnace Stream Farms Excavating Bertolet Construction Corporation
$15,202.00 $19,430.48 $22,596.80 $24,334.00 $73,450.69 $79,325.50

James Stoner motioned to award the bid for the Indian Run Project to the lowest bidder; Flyway Excavating Inc. Terry Scheetz seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Carolyn Friesema gave the Manager’s Report:

          1.Investigated the following complaints:
                    a.Long grass-84 mechanic St.- letter sent.
                    b.Shrubs impeding view- 145 Mechanic St.-letter sent.
                    c.Poor resurfacing -Galen Hall Road- called. PennDot will be fixing in July.
                    d.Dumping grass clippings – 59 Redstone Circle- letter sent.
                    e.Property maintenance issues – Creek Rd.- nothing can be done since the Township has notadopted a property maintenance code.
                    f.Water drainage issues – 40 Steeple Court- Met with engineer at property. Property ownerlandscaped and removed the swale from the property. Owner was informed of problem and howto rectify it.
          2.a. Met with the home owner at 1250 Swamp Bridge Rd, to discuss the upcoming project and theremoval of the trees.
          b.Met with two home owners affected by the project at Gockley Rd. on Indian Run creek.
          c.Met with Randy Maurer, Barry Wagner and Allen Madeira at 95 Leisey Road to beginenforcement procedures for an apartment on the property. There are sewage issues, zoning issuesand code issues at this property.
          3. Worked with the office staff on preparing the text and pictures for the Municipal map scheduled tobe distributed in October.
          4. The MS4 annual permit was submitted on Friday June 1st.
          5. Cocalico Baseball Organization requested using both the SchoeneckPark and Chapel Gate Parkfields in the fall.
          6. Met with Tom and Jay Martin, from John F Martin, to discuss repairs on Hillside Road, as well as, Lower Hillside Road.
On a motion by James Stoner and seconded by Terry Scheetz, the meeting was adjourned at 9:30 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
James Stoner Secretary