August 20, 2012

Township Meeting Room


The Chairman, Jacque Smith called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m.

The following were in attendance:
Supervisors: Jacque Smith, Terry Scheetz and James Stoner.

Others Present: Carolyn Friesema, Manager; Shelbie Shupp, Administrative Assistant; Tom Showalter, Roadmaster and Walter Augsberger.

James Stoner motioned to approve the Board of Supervisors minutes from August 2, 2012, as presented. Terry Scheetz seconded the motion. Motion carried.

James Stoner motioned to approve the attached list of checks totaling $88,808.30. Terry Scheetz seconded the motion. Motion carried.

James Stoner motioned to approve the July, 2012, Treasurer’s Report. Terry Scheetz seconded the motion. Motion carried.

Tom Showalter gave the Roadmaster’s Report as follows:
          Installed an inlet box an 10 feet of 15” pipe on Horseshoe Trail Rd.
          The batteries were replaced in truck 696.
          Paving repairs were made on Forest Rd. where the storm water pipeis failing.
          Windy Mansion Rd. was closed on July 23rd for wires down on the road.
          Installed 90 feet of 4 inch pipe at Schoeneck Park to complete thedrainage for the baseball field.
          Met with Ben Weber on July 23rd at Forest Rd. to discuss permittingfor the replacement of a 36 inch culvert pipe.
          The baseball fields at Chapel Gate and Schoeneck Parks were tilledand raked. The sand volleyball court was also done.
          The Swamp Bridge Rd. and Hartings Park Rd. storm water projectwas completed on August 16th.
          Currently trimming trees and brush, in the road rights of ways.
          Repairs were made to the boom mower and both shoulder mowers.
          Met with Carolyn and LCCTC to discuss projects that they might beable to help with.
          No smoking signs and no parking on the grass signs were installedat all Parks.
          New 36 inch stop signs, stop ahead signs and reflective post stripswere installed at the intersection of Schoeneck Rd and Indiantown Rd.
          The Hillside Rd. pipe replacement was completed on August 17th.

Carolyn Friesema gave the Manager’s Report:

          1.Attended the following meetings:
                    a.Planning Commission, Monday, August 13, 2012, 7:00 pm.
                    b.Zoning Hearing Board, Thursday, August 16, 2012, 7:00 pm.
          2.Met with Tom Showalter, Ben Webber of Rettew and Craig Spear of Spear Excavating on Friday, August 3, 2012, to discuss construction issues at the Hartings Park/ Swamp Bridge Road project.
          3.Met with Tom Showalter; and Scott Marburger and Kim Patrick of LCCTC on Monday, August 6th, regarding using the students of Lancaster Career and Technology for upcoming projects in the Township.
          4.Met with Cory McQuate, Thursday, August 9th, regarding a property issue.
          5.Met with Tom Showalter; and Ben Webber, Jim Caldwell and Craig from Rettew Assocs. on Tuesday, August 14th, to discuss Swamp Bridge Road/Hartings Park Road project issues.
          6.The final proof of the Township map, to be distributed with the fall newsletter, was received.
          7.Investigated the following complaints/concerns:
                    a.Swamp Bridge Road shoulder wash-out
                    b.Lincoln Road manhole issues

The Zoning Hearings scheduled for September 20th were reviewed and briefly discussed. Terry Scheetz was not present for this portion of the meeting.

On a motion by James Stoner and seconded by Jacque Smith, the meeting was adjourned at9:57 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,
James Stoner Secretary