Snow Removal Policy



At the start of the storm, all trucks are sent out to their assigned areas with the instructions to salt hills, intersections and curve areas first, then all other areas. When there is sufficient depth to the storm to warrant plowing, the drivers are instructed to make one pass in each direction on the street and to make one pass in and one pass out in the cul-de-sacs. Heavily traveled roads will be plowed first and then less traveled areas, as well as developments and cul-de-sacs. After each one is passable, the procedure of pushing back the snow to the road edge and cleaning out the cul-de-sacs will begin. This operation may not begin until the following day or days depending upon the severity of the storm. The road crew does their best to keep the roads passable and to not push snow into driveways, around mailbox areas or damage grass in the right-of-way.  


1.   Park off the road and in your driveway or in one of our township owned parks. If your driveway is steep or you have multiple vehicles, please park at the mouth of your driveway and off the road.  In cul-de-sacs, please park all vehicles off the roadway.

2.  Wait to shovel snow from the last five feet of your driveway until the roadway is plowed to full width.

3.  Do not put snow on streets or on neighboring  properties. It is illegal to shovel or blow snow onto township or state roads.

4.   For your safety, if there is a fire hydrant on your property, please clear the snow from the hydrant.



A snow emergency route has been created for: Chapel View Drive, RedstoneCircle, Highland Court, Parkview Drive, Steeple Court, Village Spring Lane,Farrow Lane, Pheasant Lane, Krueger Drive, Hollow Road, Pelham Rd, Cedar Court, Circle Drive, Bridle Path Way, Hill Drive, Walnut Lane, Green Court, Pine Crest Drive, Martin Circle, Boulder Drive, Pebble Lane, Sandra Circle, Clearview Drive, Joshua Circle, Sunrise Lane, and Linda Lane.

Road Crews will clear the roads completely allowing emergency vehicles easy access in these restricted areas. From the time there is an accumulation of any measurable snow or sleet until it has been substantially removed from the streets, a snow emergency will exist and there will be no parking permitted on the designated streets.

During that time, parking will be permitted on grass and sidewalks without ticketing.

Additional parking will also be available in Chapel Gate Park.

Cars parked on those streets during a snow emergency route will be issued tickets by the police.  



All residents are reminded to take care of any low hanging trees and/or shrubs on their property.  If the trees or shrubbery on your property are growing onto or over the roadway, please trim the branches.  Tree limbs hinder larger trucks, school buses and snow plows from moving freely on the roadway. 

Failure to remove any low hanging trees and shrubs may result in that area not being plowed.



Please keep the face of the mailbox a minimum of 2 to 3 feet off the edge of the road. It would be good to have a pull off area at the mailbox.  Please keep in mind that the cutting edge on the plow is 18” from the edge of the plow. 

The mailbox owner is responsible for repair or replacement of the mailbox.  If  the mailbox was damaged by the pressure of the plowed snow and there was no physical contact with the snow plow equipment.

Please maintain your mailbox throughout the year by checking for deteriorating wood, rusty nails and screws. Also, if your mailbox is made of hard plastic, it could become brittle in cold weather and be damaged by heavy snow.